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2023 Louisiana Truck Driving Championships Winners Announced

2023 Louisiana Truck Driving Championships Winners Announced

Competition for truck drivers testing safety & technical skills, winners to contend nationally.

The 2023 Louisiana Truck Driving Championships, presented by the LMTA Foundation, was held this weekend, March 3 - 4, 2023. The two-day competition was held at the Renaissance Baton Rouge and a specially made driving course across Highland Road from Blue Bayou and Dixie Landing amusement park.  

This year’s competition saw 80 drivers participate, each completing three tests focused on testing a driver's knowledge and skills. All competitors were required to provide safe driving records, including a zero-accident report for the year.

The scored categories were as follows:

  1. The written examination is an hour-long test that measures competitors' knowledge of the trucking industry, safe driving rules, first aid, and firefighting.
  2. The pre-trip inspection tests the driver's ability to thoroughly investigate the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMSCA) pre-trip inspection. Each driver is tasked with finding 17 defects planted on a test vehicle within a limited time.
  3. The field test course sees contestants drive a vehicle through the specially designed course with problems designed to simulate conditions they may encounter during the everyday operation of a truck.  


The Louisiana competition has nine classes, each with different size commercial vehicles. The classes were Step-Van, Straight Truck, 3-Axle Van, 4-Axle Van, 5-Axle Van, 5-Axle Tank, 5-Axle Flatbed, 5-Axle Sleeper Cab and Twin-Trailers. Scores in each class were calculated from each competition category, recognizing a first, second and third-place winner. Each winning contestant was recognized during the night’s Trucking Safety Awards Banquet with an award for their competition class. 

Also awarded from the competition were the Mechanics Award, Rookie of the Year Award, Team Award, and Overall Grand Champion. The Mechanic’s Award was given to Corey Mitchell of Fed Ex Freight, with the highest pre-trip inspection score. The Rookie of the Year was awarded to Benjamin Harvey with Old Dominion Freight Line as the driver with the highest score among those participating in a truck-driving championship for the first time. XPO Logistics won the Team Award with the overall highest average score based on the scores of the competing drivers from that company. Eric Courville with Fed Ex Freight is the 2023 Grand Champion as the driver who receives the highest overall score during the competition.

All first-place winners will represent the LMTA Foundation and the State of Louisiana in the 2023 American Trucking Association (ATA) National Truck Driving Championships in Columbus, OH, on August 16 – 20, 2023.  

Winners of the LMTA competition are as follows:

Step Van

  • 1st Place: Michael Brian, Princeton  |  FedEx Freight
  • 2nd Place: Nicholas Burgess, Delhi  |  Walmart
  • 3rd Place: Dana Hill, Baton Rouge  |  FedEx Ground

Straight Truck

  • 1st Place: Gary Tyler, Monroe  |  John N John Truckline
  • 2nd Place: Leroy Williams, Zachary  |  XPO 
  • 3rd Place: Corey Mitchell, Stonewall  |  FedEx Freight

3 Axle Van

  • 1st Place: Jon-Taylor Moreau, Carencro  |  FedEx Freight
  • 2nd Place: James Maxwell, Shreveport  |  FedEx Freight
  • 3rd Place: Brad Wederstrandt, Covington  |  XPO

4 Axle Van

  • 1st Place: Brian Landry, Maurice  |  FedEx Freight
  • 2nd Place: Michael Lewis, Opelousas  |  Walmart
  • 3rd Place: Robert Carter, Homer  |  FedEx Freight

5 Axle Van

  • 1st Place: Donald Glover, Opelousas  |  Walmart
  • 2nd Place: Chad Rudesill, Hammond  |  FedEx Ground
  • 3rd Place: Joseph Vital, Port Allen  |  FedEx Freight 

5 Axle Tank Truck

  • 1st Place: Collie Shaw, Monroe  |  FedEx Freight
  • 2nd Place: Dale Bodden, Walker  |  Ergon Trucking
  • 3rd Place: Xavier Theriot, Shreveport  |  FedEx Freight

5 Axle Flatbed

  • 1st Place: Mark Collins, Arnaudille  |  Walmart
  • 2nd Place: Warren Little, Shreveport  |  FedEx Freight
  • 3rd Place: Larry Smith, Baton Rouge  |  XPO

5 Axle Sleeper Cab

  • 1st Place: Eric Courville, Breaux Bridge  |  FedEx Freight
  • 2nd Place: Shaun Brown, Alexandria  |  Walmart
  • 3rd Place: Joseph Guidry, Rayne  |  Walmart

Twin Truck

  • 1st Place: Damien Hebert, Lafayette  |  XPO
  • 2nd Place: Dennis Jameson, Pineville  |  FedEx Freight
  • 3rd Place: Marquis Phillips, New Orleans  |  Old Dominion Freight Line

Mechanic’s Award:      

  • Corey Mitchell, Stonewall – Fed Ex Freight                                 

Rookie of the Year:      

  • Benjamin Harvey, Ruston – Old Dominion Freight Line    

Team Trophy:              

  • XPO Logistics

Grand Champion:        

  • Eric Courville, Breaux Bridge – FedEx Freight


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