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LMTA’s TruckPAC Announces First Round of Endorsements

LMTA’s TruckPAC Announces First Round of Endorsements

Candidates from around the state endorsed.

Baton Rouge, La. (August 17, 2023) – TruckPAC, the Louisiana Motor Transport Association’s (LMTA) political action campaign, today announced the first round of endorsements for key state legislative races. For the first time in the association’s history, it is taking a much more active role in vetting and supporting candidates that seek public office to determine if the candidates will support the trucking industry once elected to that office.  

Candidates endorsed by TruckPAC today include:

  • House District 7:            Larry Bagley
  • House District 9:            Dodie Horton
  • House District 21:          C. Travis Johnson
  • House District 24:          Rodney Schamerhorn
  • House District 28:          Daryl Deshotel
  • House District 30:          Chuck Owens
  • House District 31:          Jonathan Godeau
  • House District 38:          Rhonda Butler
  • House District 39:          Julie Emerson
  • House District 48:          Beau Beaullieu
  • House District 50:          Vinny St Blanc
  • House District 88:          Kathy Edmonston
  • House District 89:          Kim Carver
  • Senate District 9:           Cameron Henry
  • Senate District 10:         Kirk Talbot
  • Senate District 12:         Beth Mizell
  • Senate District 17:         Caleb Kleinpeter
  • Senate District 19:         Greg Miller
  • Senate District 20:         Mike Fesi
  • Senate District 25:         Mark Abraham
  • Senate District 33:         Stewart Cathey
  • Senate District 36:         Robert Mills
  • Senate District 38:         Thomas Pressly

“Truckers in Louisiana are in a crisis. We have the highest truck insurance rates in the nation, and we can’t stand on the sidelines while we see our friends and families fleeing the state,” says LMTA Executive Director Renee Amar. “Truckers need bold action from their elected officials, and we are going to support those candidates willing to take action on our behalf to fix the issues.”

TruckPAC is a non-partisan political action committee that promotes candidates and officials that support Louisiana’s trucking industry.

To learn more about TruckPAC or to get involved, please visit 

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