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LMTA’s TruckPAC Announces Second Round of Endorsements

LMTA’s TruckPAC Announces Second Round of Endorsements

Candidates from around the state endorsed.

Baton Rouge, La. (September 5, 2023) – TruckPAC, the Louisiana Motor Transport Association’s (LMTA) political action campaign, today announced another round of endorsements for key state legislative races. TruckPAC believes that the candidates below will support the trucking industry once elected to that office.   

Candidates endorsed by TruckPAC today include: 

Senate District 6        Rick Edmonds           

Senate District 8        Timothy Kerner, Jr.       

Senate District 22       Blake Miguez                 

Senate District 31        Alan Seabaugh              

House District 6           Michael Melerine         

House District 15         Foy Gadberry                  

House District 43         Josh Carlson                    

House District 45         Brach Myers                    

House District 49         Jacob Landry                      

House District 73         Braville Leblanc               

House District 75         John Wyble                       

House District 76         Stephanie Berault            

House District 81         Jason Amato      

House District 90        Mary DuBuisson             

House District 92         Mike Sigur                            

House District 95         Shane Mack          

“Truckers in Louisiana are in a crisis. We have the highest truck insurance rates in the nation, and we can’t stand on the sidelines while we see our friends and families fleeing the state,” says LMTA Executive Director Renee Amar. “Truckers need bold action from their elected officials, and we are going to support those candidates willing to take action on our behalf to fix the issues.”

TruckPAC is a non-partisan political action committee that promotes candidates and officials that support Louisiana’s trucking industry.

To learn more about TruckPAC or to get involved, please visit 

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